From the Ground Up

'From the Ground Up' explores material, performance and video. As in circles and 12 hour portrait, I perform while two video cameras make a time lapse exposure of the performance. Between time-lapse exposures, I paint a set of lorem ipsum lettering on the back wall while the sunlight provides clues of the progressing time. Details of the hand tracing of letters on the wall from the projection are also recorded and presented on a television sculpture on the lower shelf of the table used in presentation of the work. In the documentation appears "Artificial Standing Box", a second short film with the portable plastic box that appears in "The Axis of my Pleasure is You (2008)", this time into a natural setting, again with the breaking sun present. Large Canvases are present, again with variations of Lorem Ipsum and single word repetitions created with raw natural materials - canvas and coffee grounds on wood. The raw material of coffee grounds provides the title for the exhibition documented here.
Multi-Channel Video Display
Single-Channel Video Display
Works On Canvas