Year: 2007
Medium: Performance, Video, Single-Channel Video Display, Sculpture
Description: This untitled work was created for the Image, Movement, Sound exhibition in 2007. The persons pictured are dancers enrolled at the State university of New York, Brockport, dance program. The presentation was designed for the lobby of the exhibition space for guests as they enter to view the main exhibition program. The round video image projection and updsidedown portrait are visual contructs that repeat in later works.
Year: 2007 to 2009
Medium: Performance, Image, Prose
Description: A journal of prose, pictures and fiction based on the life and travels of a twenty first century American. This began as a blog with a post, more or less, one per day per year then with frequency until this stopped in natural progression. To read enter "readme" from the link.
Year: 2007
Medium: Performance, Video, Single-Channel Video Display
Description: Dots made with paint. Circles explores the time/image/performance/display relationship at a time when the moving medias were new to me in the art making process. In a studio environment I perform to the camera with carefully planned timing to work at painting dots on the back wall between time-lapse exposures measured by the camera. The act of mark making, painting in this case, becomes a different kind of recorded performance, ultimately intended for gallery display.
Year: 2006
Medium: Performance, Video, Single-Channel Video Display
Description: This work is deeply personal. In the weeks before this performance was filmed it had become clear that my wife and I would soon be divorced. The Standing Box depicts the two of us standing separate, naked, in time, in a box constructed of crude available wood. These recorded moments immediately precede our last days together and subsequent estrangement. Over time I've considered various bodies standing separate. One example is Hans Memling’s Adam and Eve oil on oak (1485). Another is Robert Morris' "Box for Standing". These works construct an object and/or instruction to the idea of separation. This idea is the spirit of the work and questions the limits of separation between art and life. (statement revision October 2013)
Year: 2006
Medium: Video, Single-Channel Video Display, Sculpture
Description: Oceans pictures the raw elements of iron, glass, wood and light arranged on the studio floor. The waves of light are produced by alterations on a time-lapse recording and mapped for smooth display. The pattern is typical of the rainy upstate NY region. The work explores 'approach' to sculpture and the aesthetics of formalism. It also is one of the first experiments on working with these concepts in direct time based media as an object.
Year: 2003
Medium: Image, Sculpture, Photographic Prints
Description: These photographic prints (Palladium) were created while studying in Florence, Italy in 2002 and 2003.