Daniel Cosentino Bio Pic
Daniel Cosentino (b.1974 - NJ, USA) is a Multimedia Artist and Vice-President for Academic Affairs at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) (formerly American University in Kosovo) via the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Global Programs. Cosentino holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Rutgers University with a minor in Music Theory and a Master of Fine Arts in Imaging Arts (Photography) from RIT. In recent years Cosentino has worked with International collaborators to produce several exhibitions, talks and symposiums including with the Herron School of Art and Design (Indianapolis University/Purdue University), Community Design Rochester, the AMICAL Consortium, the National Gallery of Art in Kosovo, the School of Visual Arts and with funding from the Soros foundation, the US National Endowment for the Arts, the Provosts Learning and Innovation Grant at RIT, the US Embassy in Kosovo, the Carnegie Mellon Foundation, among others. In 2015 Cosentino founded Community Design Prishtina, a platform for citizen-driven, community-based design promoting “healthy, sustainable communities by encouraging quality design of the built environment and thoughtful use of built and natural resources” together with colleagues in the United States and Kosovo.

Cosentino draws upon his interest in Philosophy in making artworks that incorporate performance, sculpture, video and design. Working in pre-, live and post-opening components Cosentino's practice explores intimacy and emotional memory expressed through electronic and physical aspects of modern interpersonal relationships.