Founders Portraits (Turning Antiquities)

Founders Portraits (Turning Antiquities) was first exhibited as a live performance in Prishtina, Kosovo for the event "PRISHTINË-mon amour" (Sept 2012). Working alongside several young artists, participants were asked to create a work on the theme of repetition. In response to the theme, a chair was built to slowly turn sitters (in this case the other artists and volunteers) who are recorded and in turn presented in rotation on deconstructed lcd screens (not pictured). As a second component to this work I record a 1 hour live performance with a public audience present on the opening night. This subsequent work, along with the portraits in rotation, were shown as a secondary exhibition work prepared for gallery display. "Sound is not present, image is prominent, the drama is understated – we get to experience “real time” in Daniel’s work. Very intriguing is the revolving swivel chair that the performers use during the videos. The artist is forced to change his perspective through the efforts of a hand cranked transmission of power and vision. It is this physical manifestation of a metaphor that is so apt for this show." (Alan Singer Arts |
Multi-Channel Video Display