Year: 2016
Medium: Image, Works On Canvas
Description: "Here Is Your Letter" are works of ink on canvas completed by hand. It refers to a promise from a friend who was to send a letter as she suffered late stages of cancer. She passed and the letter never arrived.
Year: 2014
Medium: Performance, Video, Multi-Channel Video Display, Single-Channel Video Display, Image, Sound, Sculpture
Description: "in·ter·sect /ˌintərˈsekt/" includes live performance, video, sound and sculpture. The videos and the live performers will respond to an audio track of spoken words describing the body. These words, both ordinary and vulgar, reflect on semiotic discourse. They signify specific body parts, as we come into contact with them in different contexts. The merging into a single stream of spoken descriptors of the body both reminds us that these are simply words ascribed meaning from language and that the body politic is complex and nuanced in our social spaces. In this way, the piece aims through its combination of video, performance, sound, and sculptural space to reflect back on the modern landscape of personal communication/interaction and how it is modified through technology.
Year: 2013
Medium: Performance, Video, Multi-Channel Video Display, Image, Sculpture
Description: "Hands" pictures the artists' hands whom participated at ArtKukës 2013 (Kukës, Albania) as a 2 channel video installation. TheArtists' hands present: Rexhep Ferri, Refki Gallopeni, Demush Avdihmetaj, Nehat Beqiri, Adriana Puleshi, Abdulla Gjongecaj, Arif Lushi, Rubin Mandia, Petrit Bilali, Shaqir Veseli, Daniel Cosentino, Zanfira Keta, Ilmi Halilaj, Hilmi Hoxha, Xhevahir Kolgjini, Armir Danjolli, Arjola Domi, Agon Dardani.
Year: 2012
Medium: Performance, Video, Multi-Channel Video Display, Image, Sculpture
Description: Founders Portraits (Turning Antiquities) was first exhibited as a live performance in Prishtina, Kosovo for the event "PRISHTINË-mon amour" (Sept 2012). Working alongside several young artists, participants were asked to create a work on the theme of repetition. In response to the theme, a chair was built to slowly turn sitters (in this case the other artists and volunteers) who are recorded and in turn presented in rotation on deconstructed lcd screens (not pictured). As a second component to this work I record a 1 hour live performance with a public audience present on the opening night. This subsequent work, along with the portraits in rotation, were shown as a secondary exhibition work prepared for gallery display. "Sound is not present, image is prominent, the drama is understated – we get to experience “real time” in Daniel’s work. Very intriguing is the revolving swivel chair that the performers use during the videos. The artist is forced to change his perspective through the efforts of a hand cranked transmission of power and vision. It is this physical manifestation of a metaphor that is so apt for this show." (Alan Singer Arts |
Year: 2011
Medium: Image, Photographic Prints
Year: 2009
Medium: Performance, Video, Multi-Channel Video Display, Single-Channel Video Display, Image, Sound, Sculpture, Works On Canvas, Prose
Description: 'From the Ground Up' explores material, performance and video. As in circles and 12 hour portrait, I perform while two video cameras make a time lapse exposure of the performance. Between time-lapse exposures, I paint a set of lorem ipsum lettering on the back wall while the sunlight provides clues of the progressing time. Details of the hand tracing of letters on the wall from the projection are also recorded and presented on a television sculpture on the lower shelf of the table used in presentation of the work. In the documentation appears "Artificial Standing Box", a second short film with the portable plastic box that appears in "The Axis of my Pleasure is You (2008)", this time into a natural setting, again with the breaking sun present. Large Canvases are present, again with variations of Lorem Ipsum and single word repetitions created with raw natural materials - canvas and coffee grounds on wood. The raw material of coffee grounds provides the title for the exhibition documented here.
Year: 2008
Medium: Performance, Video, Multi-Channel Video Display, Single-Channel Video Display, Image, Sound, Sculpture
Description: The Axis of My Pleasure Is You is a themed exhibition containing several works. The title phrase is a play on words where two electronic voices echo uncomfortably between each other in attempts to communicating love (Audio at 5m30s on the timeline). The work includes several video portraits and recorded performance hybrid works played on deconstructed television sculptures. In a variation on the portable 'Standing Box' theme (0M40S) I use the external environmental details of my studio home to make a short film(sound excerpt "I am the Dead" from Virginal Coordinates by Eyvind Kang). Several formal video portrait montages are shown on the television sculptures (2M20S) and displayed along with the recorded sounds of the idle train yard. The exhibition represents selections from a year of dedicated studio development.
Year: 2008
Medium: Video, Single-Channel Video Display, Image, Sculpture
Description: This studio portrait is one from a series of video portrait constructs developed in the studio. Pieces and excerpts of the portraits have been displayed in "The Axis of My Pleasure is You" and used as excerpts in other works. Certain works like this have never had a clear title and have gone through several changes to it's initial creative intent as a video/portrait/sculpture.
Year: 2007
Medium: Performance, Video, Single-Channel Video Display, Sculpture
Description: This untitled work was created for the Image, Movement, Sound exhibition in 2007. The persons pictured are dancers enrolled at the State university of New York, Brockport, dance program. The presentation was designed for the lobby of the exhibition space for guests as they enter to view the main exhibition program. The round video image projection and updsidedown portrait are visual contructs that repeat in later works.
Year: 2007 to 2009
Medium: Performance, Image, Prose
Description: A journal of prose, pictures and fiction based on the life and travels of a twenty first century American. This began as a blog with a post, more or less, one per day per year then with frequency until this stopped in natural progression. To read enter "readme" from the link.